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Girls reenacting boy selfies II

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My mother forgot to tell me how many heart breaks it takes to lose my mind
Or to find myself and find some time
To blow out my mind
I used to wish upon shooting stars and pray that he’d love me back
But I don’t believe in wishes or miracles anymore

This weekend was one of the best I’ve ever had
And its because I got to sleep in the caricature of your body
Its a love nest
And I’m your whore for the night
I’ve cheated myself again
I guess you stole my heart
Did you slip it out my chest that night?
Because I can’t feel it whispering sweet lullabies to me
My body has been through a pounding
I swear you hit me
I deserved it because I never learn my lesson
Yesterday, was spent in a daze
I had much time to contemplate
I came to the conclusion that you could be it
And now I swallow a heavy pill in hopes to forget or maybe regurgitate you from my memory

The memories of the parties and drunken movements within the darkness of our souls
I was hoping itd be just as real for you
But you’ve kicked me out for the last time

It was nice to know you, my friend.


- GIVE ME MY HEART BACK by Stephanie Lopez (via masochistbabe)

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sometimes marinas boobs are like


and then sometimes they’re like


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a guide on how to make me love you
1. buy me food
2. tell me i’m funny
3. tell me i’m hot
4. it’s okay to lie
5. i’m still hungry

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